Doing Business Differently

I recently had the privilege of facilitating a government department’s 10yr planning process. We let go of the traditional idea of a two-day exec offsite that gets translated into actions (aka instructions) for others and instead opted for a more democratised approach. We’ve engaged broadly in the development of this critical piece of work, included […]

Three things I’ve unlearned to Transform HR Three things I’ve unlearned to Transform HR. How come what worked ok only a few years ago is not working today? Albert Einstein said — ‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them’ ‌So what does that mean? ‌It means we have to learn to let go of some of […]

5 tips for Leading Transformation Did you know that most transformations fail? 1. Be clear on the difference between transformation and continuous improvement 2. Truly collaborate 3. Root cause v symptoms 4. Lead v manage 5. Leave a legacy: embed the change What’s missing from this list?