Collaboration – avoiding a no or getting a yes?

Collaboration – more about avoiding a no than getting a yes?

Collaboration – avoiding a no or getting a yes? Be more collaborative. We’ve heard it before. But how do you generate true collaboration? • A new structure? • A new #collaboration platform? • More streamlined processes? All of the above help, yet in many organisations that I work with, I observe workforces getting work done […]

5 tips for Leading Transformation Did you know that most transformations fail? 1. Be clear on the difference between transformation and continuous improvement 2. Truly collaborate 3. Root cause v symptoms 4. Lead v manage 5. Leave a legacy: embed the change What’s missing from this list?

The number one reason you should fix Onboarding – now According to Forbes, employee turnover is the highest it’s been in 10 years, and around 50% of that turnover occurs in the first year of employment. And the major culprit? Traditional approaches to Onboarding. Over the last decade, significant investment has been made into Recruitment & Talent Acquisition practices to streamline and automate that […]

What I’ve learned in 100 days; jumping from major corporate to self-employment.

jumping from major corporate to self-employment

Today, I’m celebrating 100 days of working for myself – ironically on the same day that I would otherwise have been celebrating 7 years with Australia Post. So what am I up to? I’m obsessed with modernising traditional approaches to talent, especially now that the world of work has changed. What used to work doesn’t seem […]

Candidate Experience – no longer a ‘nice to have’.

Great Candidate Experience BoldHR

Ever had the debate about the value of people experience? It’s often a frustrating one. Next time you get into the debate from a recruitment perspective, try some of these handy stats taken from a recent Hire by Google article. 1) around 90% of applications are unsuccessful; which makes them your majority user. 2) 47% […]